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We are your on-demand support for your brokerage.

The profile of a successful brokerage is changing and with it comes changes to your business models to meet the needs of your realtors and clients.  It’s becoming a new world for real estate brokerages. Technology is introducing new efficiencies and realtors are in need of more services and facilities. One thing remains the same: the realtor continues to play an important role in advising clients, negotiating deals and facilitating transactions.  

Recruiting and retaining these top real estate agents is an art. Brokerages need to adapt, change and develop a clear value proposition to present to potential realtors and show them how working with you will further propel their real estate careers. 

Our mission is to connect you to the realtors you want, but aren’t reaching. We are here to help you build your brokerage. Find our how we work and explore our service options:

We are your growth &
support manager.

We own the recruiting process. We manage the lifecycle of a realtor candidate from a lead to hire. We show candidates that your brokerage, business, culture and brand are worth their investment. We utilize all resources to find, attract and organize potential hires. We manage the pipeline of applicants and interviews and give your candidates the attention they deserve. 

Different companies work with recruiters for different reasons:

  • Providing support to hiring managers if there is no internal recruiting team
  • Identifying hard to find or highly-specialized realtors
  • Assisting in-house recruiter during a hiring spree or growth spurt
  • Maintaining confidentiality during a sensitive search
  • Replacing altogether the need for an in-house recruiting function

We connect people to your values and goals:


Brokerage Start-ups

Recruit and train new and experienced realtors.


The Growing Brokerage

Grow your team with experienced realtors and leadership talent.

The Established Brokerage


The Developing Power Team

We are expert recruiters, with first-hand experience in real estate. We understand the the industry, what realtors want and how brokerages can make themselves indispensable to their agents.  




We have realtor experience and recruit agents the way we would want to be recruited. By owning the recruiting process, selling your brokerages value to each candidate and by you investing in the right tools, your brokerage will acquire the best agents for your business. 

We are qualified and trained in real estate. Our services adapt to your brokerage recruiting needs. But no matter how we support you, we promise to put you, your team and the talent we approach on your behalf – first.  Our services are a low-risk way to find incredible realtors. We emphasize on fewer, higher-quality candidates, so you can build a quality team quickly. 

We don’t just match any realtor to your brokerage. We identify qualified people, someone who will thrive in your brokerage – someone who will excel and add to the team dynamic, and contribute to the brokerage’s culture – that’s trickier. This is how we do it:

Deep Discovery

Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture, team dynamic, and what it takes to thrive as a realtor in your brokerage.

Social Sourcing

Sourcing our networks, existing partners, databases, social media and the web for qualified people who match the right profile. We are equipped with the top tools 

Candidate Experience

Reaching out to potential candidates, starting a conversation, telling your story, listening with care, and communicating openly.

We are your on-demand support for your brokerage. We are here to help build your brokerage. We structure our services and fees in several ways:


Realtor Recruiting

We offer two core recruiting packages. These services are structured with a fee paid only if a hire is made. We structure our core services

  1. The Sourcing Recruiting Package
  2. The Growth Recruiting Package

Expand your business with specialized Support, Management or executive team members.

Retained or executive search, with an up-front fee paid for assistance filling a role:

Field Assistant
Buyer Agent
Listing Coordinator
Sales Manager
Team Manager
Branch Manager
Technology Specialists (CRM)
Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager
Graphic Designer
Content Writer


  • Marketing plan and strategies for ongoing recruiting.
  • Weekly coaching calls for new recruits
  • Brokerage Health Check. Help to coach you and your management team on how to refine your unique value proposition.

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