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Best Buys Now – May 2020

Best Buys Now – May 2020

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the question. While Canada-wide sales of existing homes fell 58% last month compared with the same time last year according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, it’s important to look at the complete picture. Number of sales is one thing, prices are another. Nationwide stats are one thing, city and neighbourhood to neighbourhood are another.

We’ve taken a look at the recent April HPI Benchmark Report from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, Altus Group which examines % changes in the benchmark over a specific period of time. Our findings were the following:


Communities which saw the highest % increase in their benchmark price for condominium apartments in C01, C02 and C08 (“Downtown Toronto”) from March to April 2020 (Covid Impact), in addition to ranking within the top 10 communities in all of Toronto as having the strongest increase in benchmark prices over the past 6 months, 3 Years, and 5 Years are (in order):

1. C08 – Cabbagetown – South St. James Town. Has a benchmark price of $615,200 with a 2.74% change. from March to April 2020.

2. C08 – North St. Jamestown. Has a benchmark price of $1,027,600 with a 4.10% change.

3. C01 – Palmerston – Little Italy. Has a benchmark condo price of $584,700 with a 1.94% change.

4. C08 – Regent Park. Has a benchmark condo price of $824,200 with a 4.13% change.

5. C01 – Kensington – Chinatown. Has a benchmark condo price of $614,200 with a 3.90% change.

6. C01 – Wychwood. Has a benchmark condo price of $565,000 with a 1.24% change.

7. C08 – Church-Yonge Corridor. Has a benchmark condo price of $730,500 with a 2.67% change.

8. C01 – Little Portugal. Has a benchmark condo price of $688,300 with a 2.43% change.

Not all prices are dropping. There are many price predictions out there. Stay informed and read the appropriate statistics.


*Source: Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, Altus Group Greater Toronto Area rankings based on all communities within the GTA, April 2020.


1. W05 – First Place.

Highest % in Price Increase March to April 2020. 4.66% Benchmark Price Range: $272,300 to $533,900

Neighbourhoods to buy in:

ZoneBenchmark Price(HPI)One Month3 Years1 Year
Downsview – Roding-CFB$533,900361.74.66% Ranked 1st  
Black Creek$286,900279.4 102.61% Ranked 2nd23.79% Ranked 3rd
Humber Summit$421,000283.1 79.75% Ranked 3rd 
Glenfield-Jane Heights$272,300212.8 67.03% Ranked 4th 
York University Heights$481,600212.8 59.88% Ranked 4th 

2. C15 – Benchmark Price Range: $415,600 to $1,008,800

ZoneBenchmark Price(HPI)One Month6 Months1 Year
Hillcrest Village1,008,800289.6Ranked 2nd 4.66%  
Henry Farm$415,600271.1 Ranked 1st 17.66%Ranked 2 24.13%
Bayview Woods-Steeles$923,900244.8 Ranked 2nd 17.13% 
Bayview Village$606,800290.6 Ranked 9th 15.59% 
Pleasant View$457,100251.3 10.75% 

3. E11 – Benchmark Price $519,800

ZoneBenchmark Price (HPI)One Month3 Years1 Year
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