9 Real Estate Email Marketing Tips & Scripts That Actually Work

No matter how you end up using email to nurture leads or grow your sphere, keep these 9 rules in the back of your head:

1. Find Inspiration From Your Favorite Email Newsletters

Look to your own favorite fashion/business/foodie newsletters for content inspiration, and what stories or hot topics you and your friends and other industry professionals are talking about.

2. Plan Ahead

Start out by brainstorming a few topics in your niche to potentially write about. Continually gather bits of information and different visual assets so when you’re ready to sit down and get it done, you’ve already done your research!

3. Focus Content on What You Know

What is your value add? Curate your content and theme based on your unique expertise, skill set, or interests.

  • For example, if you have a special talent for staging, take a time-lapse video of redecorating a listing and getting it ready for sale. Write about how important staging is in the current market, and cite past case studies that prove it gets the home sold faster. You can even go a step further and touch on the interior design aspect of the room, sharing where each item is from and any feng shui tips for styling different types of spaces.
  • If you’re more of a number-cruncher with an audience in the finance world, your newsletter could be formatted as a market report with research on your city’s performance each quarter and your opinion for the forecast of where the market might be heading.
  • If you’re new to real estate and still finding your footing, you could start out with a theme that explores a list of “the best of” a popular neighborhood in your city and cover a different area each time. We all love listicles! You could also focus on interests like food, music, pets, or fitness and think of creative ways to tie those things back to real estate.
  • Interviews/Q&As with industry professionals is another interesting angle. Think of any architects, interior designers, artists, gallery owners, or fashion designers you know who may be related to or shaking up the real estate industry in a unique way

4. Keep Your Emails Short, Sweet & Relevant

Offer relevant, interesting information in digestible amounts. Your newsletter shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to read.

5. Be Visual

Incorporate visually appealing images that are relevant to your topic. Services like Mailchimp poffer free newsletter templates with your paid membership; take advantage of those or hire a freelance designer to help create something more custom.

6. Commit to Engaging With Your Audience With Email Marketing

Decide whether you will send on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis. Consistency is key to stay top of mind!

Similar to newsletters, you will see the same return from social media as the effort you put into it. Sending one newsletter a year or posting every other month will just be a drop in the bucket. Without thoughtful planning and consistency, neither strategy will be very effective.

7. Get Straight to the Point

Since the whole idea here is to get your audience to read your emails, don’t confuse them with a million things to click, random images, categories, contact information, or any other distractions. So instead of forcing people to scroll through random links and images, they get right to it.

8. Include “Read More” Buttons That Link Out to Articles on Your Blog

Your audience has a limited attention span. Make it easy for them and show them explicitly what you want them to do.

9. Let Your Images Do the Talking Instead of a Complicated Theme

Don’t use a complicated theme for their emails. Just a simple formula of the headline, pretty picture, and link to article or listing. That’s it. This achieves two key goals for your email marketing:

  1. It simplifies the experience for your reader.
  2. Streamlined code means a better chance of avoiding the spam folder.
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