How To Find Your Passion

Make a List of All the Things That You Love 

Filter the List 

Once you have completed writing down what you love, you need to filter it. Your list will contain many things that you love to do but aren’t good at and things that you like the idea of but aren’t interested in. Take the time to go through the list to find the things that truly excite you. Focus on each activity and find out the things that you enjoy and that you are good at. Taking the time to analyze your list will help you discover what you are genuinely passionate about. ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE 

Do the Activities 

As you narrow down your list and discover the things that you believe you are passionate about, it is a good idea to carry out the shortlisted activities to find out if you are really passionate about them. 

When you are doing the activities, you need to focus on the feeling you get. If it makes you feel good and excites you, it is something that you are passionate about. You get bonus points if it is something that you are good at too. Don’t worry if you realize that you aren’t good at some of the things that you are passionate about, you can become better with practice. Once you’ve discovered your true passion you can move onto the next step. 

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane 

Taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting your childhood is another way you can find your passion. As we grow older, we begin to disconnect from the things that meant the most to us during our childhood. To help you find your passion, revisit your childhood and think about the things that you loved to do back then. You may find your passion during your visit. ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE 

Seek Out People You Want to Imitate 

There will be people in your life who inspire you to follow your goals. There will also be those people in your life who have achieved the kind of success you’ve always dreamed about. To find your passion, figure out how they did it and what made them focused and determined enough to reach their dreams. This exercise will help you become passionate and focused on your goals. It also gives you the change to figure out that one role model you want to follow. Identifying a role model will help you figure out what you are passionate about. 

Develop a Creativity Board 

Browse through magazines and websites and gather the images, newspaper clippings, poems, articles, and other material that is related to the things you enjoy and that inspire you. Place these elements on a big poster board, being sure to have separate columns for each interest. Begin to build on each interest and think of creative ideas to create a business out of your interests. 

Don’t Focus on Money 

To find what you are truly passionate about, you have to stop focusing on money. You need to focus on that one thing that makes you feel alive. If you want to enjoy a quality life, then you need to do something that you love, whether it is something that will make you money or not. Your financial concerns should be a secondary thought to your passion. 

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