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Prospecting tools you will need this fall

Prospecting tools you will need this fall

There’s no better time than now to prepare for fall marketing season. For agents wanting to take action now, here is a slew of marketing ideas, tools and apps to use for generating more business with less effort.

1. Creating content

TOP CMA by Trelli

A major challenge agents face is creating fresh content to post on their blogs, websites and social media platforms. Here are four great options to consider:

TOP CMA provides real-time trends and market analytics so you can create e Free (for Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Members) market reports and CMA’s to attract more buyers and sellers. Top CMA provides data about homeowner’s current home value, and comparable properties.


Sharing your expertise in real estate transactions through content is a great way to market yourself and generate leads online. In 2020, however, visual content marketing is the way to go. Venngage is a tool that allows you to easily create real estate infographics. There are plenty of templates to choose from and even some specific to real estate that will make it easy to create simple and appealing designs.


Once you have created this great content, you can connect your audiences on the various social media sites with a single link from Linktree

2. Marketing strategies

Ready to update your marketing to fit today’s COVID-19 environment? Here’s what to do:  

Safety marketing

Your goal as a listing agent has always been to help your seller obtain the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Due to COVID-19, you now need to add “and in the safest way possible.” Advise potential sellers about the steps you take to protect them and their loved ones.

Create the ‘wow’ factor by bringing your ‘team’ to your next Zoom listing appointment 

Whether you have a team or are a solo agent, bring your team members to your Zoom listing appointment and have them briefly state what they do. For solo agents, include your transaction coordinator, your favourite mortgage officer, title rep, inspector, etc. 

Hold 4 virtual ‘open houses’ in one evening

With shorter days ahead, take advantage of after-dinner time to conduct four virtual open house tours in one evening. You can pre-record your walk-throughs or do them live if any of the houses you’re holding “open” are available for evening showings. 

3. Video Marketing


Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in real estate marketing. is a site that helps you create real estate videos to advertise your services as an agent or showcase your properties. It comes with some amazing features other tools don’t have such as music, copy, ad creative, and video collections. All you need to do is add your listings, videos and photos, your logo, and post on social media.

BIGVU teleprompter app

Uncomfortable speaking extemporaneously in front of the camera? You can now turn your mobile device into a teleprompter with BIGVU. transcribes your videos and podcasts in real time. Alternatively, you can upload older MP3 or MP4 files as well. If the transcription isn’t clear, Otter plays back the audio feed so you can hear exactly what was said. Best of all, you can easily convert the transcript into a blog or social media post. 


You can turn your still photos into short videos using Pixaloop’s wide variety of special effects and add-ons. 

There’s no better time than now to prepare for fall marketing season. Taking action now, no matter where you start, is what translates into commission dollars tomorrow.

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